Our Best Plant-based cheese recipes Our Best Plant-based cheese recipes

Our top 5 Plant-based Cheese Recipes to try

Vegan cheese is a healthy alternative, especially if it's made at home, with natural ingredients such as nuts and seeds. Try these recipes, even if you're not vegan, you will absolutely love them!

Opting for vegan cheeses usually brings two benefits at the same time. Eliminating the less healthy characteristics of cheese, such as fat and lactose, and adding the health benefits of nuts and seeds into your diet. 

1. 1. Delicious Plant-based Cream Cheese

Delicious Plant-based Cream Cheese

This cheese made from cashews has a creamy and spreadable texture and a mild and slightly acidic flavor.

Cream cheese is much more than a spread cheese, it is very versatile, and in addition to being an easy snack, it is also useful for making desserts, topping your pasta or soup, and many other options!

2. 2. Vegan French Brie Cheese

Vegan French Brie Cheese

Learn how to make this creamy texture and delicate flavored Vegan Brie!

This cheese belongs to the family of soft cheeses and the traditional French recipe uses raw cow's milk and edible moldy skin. This vegan alternative is made with cashews and vegan yogurt.

3. 3. Chickpea cheese: a healthy, high-protein option

Chickpea cheese: a healthy, high-protein option

This chickpea cheese is bursting with health benefits, as it is high in protein and very healthy. Chickpeas are a staple in any plant-based diet. Don't miss it!

4. 4. Rawmesan: Easy vegan parmesan cheese

Rawmesan: Easy vegan parmesan cheese

This vegan parmesan cheese, made with sunflower seeds, is delicious and ready in less than 5 minutes (and raw). Give it a try!

5. 5. Diary-free Feta Cheese

Diary-free Feta Cheese

This tofu cheese flavor is delicious and its texture is similar to the original. Use it in salads and appetizers. Yum!

6. Try this delicious plant-based fondue

delicious plant-based fondue

Learn how to make a delicious fondue with vegan cream cheese and potato!

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