Oriental sauteed mushrooms with coriander. A spice that provides unmatched aroma and flavor

Mushrooms are the right ingredient to combine with any dish, they serve as accompaniments, as main dishes, as entrees, and even as sandwiches, but nothing beats adding the flavor and aroma of coriander, that herb that should definitely not be missing in our kitchen.

In addition to being a low-calorie dish, one of the ingredients that predominate in terms of flavor is coriander, an herb, which according to studies, serves to lower blood sugar, has antioxidant properties, which help to the regeneration of cells and prevent the appearance of certain types of cancer, and can bring benefits to our heart.

Coriander is used on many occasions in weight loss diets, in green smoothies or even in infusions, due to its natural diuretic properties.

Ingredients  (for 2 person)


Serve on a rye toast topped with a bit of soy yogurt. Heaven.


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