Natural beauty: Amazing benefits of Aztec clay for your skin

Aztec clay has great properties and health benefits for the skin.

Precisely because of all the advantages that this natural element offers us, it is increasingly common for the most varied cosmetic treatments to include it, but you can also take advantage of it in homemade natural cosmetics.

The use of clay masks can be dated back thousands of years and used by many different cultures when it comes to cleaning the skin and maintaining your natural beauty.

1. 1. Deep hydration

Deeper hydration than other creams

Bentonite clay has minerals that act differently when applied to the skin. We achieve deeper hydration than other creams and other types of compounds.

Also, the elements that we find inside the bentonite clay make the circulation of the skin improve. 

2. 2. Detox

Deep cleaning

The bentonite clay also allows us to make deep cleaning of the skin, and this allows us to show off a clean, healthy skin with much fewer imperfections.

3. 3. Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Bentonite clay is a great help to treat infections such as acne, that is why in the specific creams for this ailment, it is more and more common to find it among the components.

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