Matcha: Health Benefits of a Super Drink

Matcha: health benefits of a super drink

Matcha is no ordinary tea. It lowers cholesterol, is detoxifying and stress-busting. Read on to learn more about it, how can it improve your health, and how to make your own!

My newfound love comes from Japan. Although it’s 10 centuries old, the Western world learned about its incredible benefits quite recently. Name? Matcha and I think I cannot live without it anymore.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr swear by it. Trendy Instagram images also contribute to its success. Japanese organization expert, Marie Kondo uses matcha as part of her meditation and tea ceremony.

Popularized in the US by Panatea founders Jessica Lloyd and David Mandelbaum, matcha spread throughout the entire world. It's the latest trend. Although, "new" is not exactly the word that best defines it.

1. What is matcha tea?

Matcha powder, more powerful than actual tea.

For more than 2500 years 'matcha' has been a 'powdered tea'. It is extracted directly from ground green tea leaves. While tea is an infusion, matcha is the actual leave, just grounded, thus making it more powerful than your regular green tea. Experts say that to preserve the taste, the leaves are covered 20 to 30 before the harvest. Once picked, the tea leaves are dried and turned into a fresh, deep green powder.

2. A miracle of vitamins and minerals

Ice Matcha Latte, full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants

If you are looking for a tea with a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants such as polyphenols, then you’ve found it: matcha is what you´re looking for. As the whole leaf is consumed when drinking matcha, the amount of nutrients is way higher. It is also a tea that provides minerals such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, or chromium.

3. Is it suitable for everyone?

Matcha green tea, a fantastic alternative to coffee.

Matcha is unsuitable for children due to its high content of caffeine. People with nervous system disorders should consult their doctor before consuming matcha. Otherwise, it’s suitable for everyone and is a fantastic alternative to coffee.

4. Your perfect Matcha Latte

No, you don’t need to spend a fortune at a café to have a great matcha latte. You can easily make it at home following a few simple steps. For fancier tea time or if you’d like to try your own tea ceremony, serve with Japanese pastries.

Here's a simple and classic recipe just to help you get started

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