Makeup mistakes: 5 Key elements you need to get right when applying blush

Makeup mistakes: 5 Key elements you need to get right when applying blush

Applying blush is for most people the least interesting part of their makeup routine, but it can easily go wrong and ruin the whole look! Here are 5 things you need to pay attention to in order to achieve the perfect blush.

1. 1. The right color

The color you choose for your blush shouldn’t clash with the one from your lips.

What's more important when applying blush than the actual color you're choosing? Firstly, take your skin tone into account: if it's dark, go for Tangerine or Berry shades; if it's medium to olive, the bests will be Peach or dusty mauve shades. Secondly, consider your lipstick's color beforehand. Apply it earlier in order to prevent clashing tones.

2. 2. The right place

Applying blush in the right place will give you a rejuvenated look.

As your hand approaches with the brush towards your face, you have the choice to apply blush wherever you want. Of course, some places will make you look more youthful and radiant, such as near your cheekbones. This will give your face a "lifting" effect, especially if the apples of your cheeks have slightly dropped.

3. 3. The right amount

Taking small amounts of blush for each application can prevent mistakes.

The traditional aim when applying blush is to get a subtle flushed look. In order to achieve this, you should slowly build up the color instead of attempting to finish the look with one application. Start with half of the amount you think you need, and apply it. If you still need some, take more and repeat the process, slowly but surely.

4. 4. The right formula

According to your skin type, there’ll be a blush formula suited for you.

Every skin type has one formula that'll work the best. Dry complexions can benefit a lot from cream formulas, which will give them a fresh look. Likewise, older skin types can enjoy a hint of color from gel or cream formulas, but powder ones may accentuate the lines around the eyes. However, oily skin types should go for powder blush, as this will absorb excess oil and result in an amazing matte effect.

5. 5. The right blending

Depending on your blush’s formula, you can blend it with your fingers or a large fluffy brush.

When it comes to blending, there are different methods according to the formula you've used. Cream blush can be blended out with your index and middle finger, patting it up and outwards, towards your hairline and temples. Powder formulas should be approached with a large fluffy brush to tap off any excess and to brush lightly up and outwards as well.

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