Make Your bedroom a Kingdom of Feng Shui with these 6 Simple Tricks

If you do not have time to become an expert in Feng Shui and do not want to spend a fortune on experts, we show you these tricks to apply Feng Shui in your bedroom and bathroom.

The most important place in the house in Feng Shui is the bedroom. For this ancient art of organizing the energies of space, during sleep we are particularly vulnerable to the energy around us. That energy must be the best if we want it to affect us positively.

1. 1. The orientation of the bed is very important

Feng Shui: The orientation of the bed is very important

First of all, the bed should never be aligned with the entrance door or the bathroom door, and the head of the bed should be supported by a wall without doors or windows. That way it receives the ying energy. Doors and windows are yang: light, movement.

2. 2. Avoiding things that hang

Feng Shui: Avoiding things that hang

There shouldn't be anything hanging over the bed at bedtime. Sometimes it can't be helped like when you need a fan or a ceiling lamp.

3. 3. Lighting

Feng Shui: the lighting in the room should be dim and not too bright

Ideally, the lighting in the room should be dim and not too bright. This, of course, promotes rest but also the flow of Ying energy ideal for resting.

You can combine the light of a night lamp with candles (if they are scented with a sleep-promoting fragrance, so much the better).

4. 4. Closed doors

Feng Shui: close the doors so that positive energy is not lost

At bedtime, ideally you should close the doors so that positive energy is not lost or "swallowed". The furniture with the doors closed, the drawers, and also the bathroom door and the main door.

5. 5. Mirrors

Feng Shui: make sure the mirrors don't reflect the bed

Having many mirrors in the room is not a good idea according to Feng Shui. But if you have one or two, you should make sure they don't reflect the bed. If they do, they can have a disturbing effect and disturb your rest.

So, you should never see yourself reflected in a mirror when you are about to sleep if you want to arrange your bedroom according to Feng Shui.

6. 6. Use Plants

Feng Shui: plants bringing positive energy into the home

Plants help to combat stress, depression and provide relaxation to their occupants as well as bringing positive energy into the home. The room is no exception, which is why it is very good to have plants in that area of the house.

7. 7. Bonus Tip: Bathroom

The bathrooms are often complementary to the bedrooms. Feng Shui has also thought about that space. And it has a very important premise: you should never leave the toilet seat up.

Leaving the toilet seat up makes the good vibe escape down the toilet, while giving way to the bad energies. Ideally, you should always keep it down and keep the door closed.

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