How to Meditate in 3 Steps

How to Meditate in 3 Steps

Follow these simple guidelines to incorporate mediation into your daily. Manage your emotions, reduce stress, and increase focus.

The closest many of us got to mediation was staring at the ocean whilst on a beach holiday. But meditation is not exactly that. Or not just that. You don't need to dress in orange like a Tibetan monk or start an initiation trip to Bhutan. Home practice is easily achievable.

It is also important to establish a definition of meditation and to learn of its benefits in order to understand the basis of this wonderful activity.

And here are three steps that will make it easy for you.

1. 1. Find a quiet place in your house and sit down

Find a quiet place to start your meditation

Settle down on the floor of your house. Sit on a cushion or a rug. A comfortable surface is needed. Anything from lotus position to simply a chair will do as long as you are comfortable.  Keep your back straight and maintain your posture.

2. 2. Listen to the noise around you as if it were music

Meditate by listening to the sounds around you

Once you’ve settled, the easiest way to enter a meditative state is to start by listening.

Close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds around you.

Do not try to identify or judge them, your mind will do it for you automatically. Simple, isn't it?

3. 3. Observe your thoughts and your breathing

Meditation will help you become aware of your thoughts

Treat your thoughts the same as the external sounds described above. Simply observe them and listen to them as if they were part of the overall noise.

In the same way, instead of trying to force your breathing, breathe naturally. You can try to link the breathe to the words “let” on inhale and “go” on exhale.

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