Jessica Alba’s tips for a healthy mind and a healthy body

Maintaining good physical and mental health is important, and celebrity Jessica Alba knows it. Here are some of the ways she tweaks her lifestyle to be as happy as she can while still taking care of herself.

1. 1. Eat healthy and work out

Jessica Alba encourages her followers to work out // Photo: Instagram

Jessica Alba has said that she finds it easier to eat healthy than exercise, as she often lacks the motivation for it. However, she strongly defends the positive impact of both these habits on the mind and body, saying they help her take the edge off and feel mentally better.

2. 2. Be in tune with your needs

Sometimes you need to go on a walk, other times a good book is your best companion // Photo: Instagram

Nobody knows what you need better than yourself. Checking in with your mind and body can help you deal with anything ranging from strong emotions to physical problems. Jessica explains how this can change from person to person and even from time to time. Sometimes you need to meditate, while there are also times when the best is to go on a 10K run.

The key is to find what makes you feel good. There’s no shame in taking up an activity, for example, yoga, and leave after the second class. The actress herself has admitted that she’s tried several self-care habits before learning which suited her the best.

3. 3. Learn to withstand adversities

The actress and entrepreneur knows that life's challenges teach important lessons // Photo: Instagram

For Jessica, it’s key to be flexible to life’s ups and downs in order to succeed. She emphasizes the importance of making the best of your experience, and she includes an example of her own life: she may not have had a conventional or higher education, but she’s realized that doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. She points that it doesn’t take away what she’s learned from her own experiences.

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