3 JLO's secrets in its 50 years

Jennifer Lopez secret for keeping fit at the 50

Jennifer Lopez kicks off her 50s with an incredible body, but what´s the secret of her body?

Musically acclaimed and about to marry Alex Rodriguez, the Bronx diva has much to celebrate. You only have to look at her Instagram to see how fit she is.

1. 1. A healthy diet

Everything she eats is organic and she tries also to follow a balance between protein and nutrients.

She starts her day with a nutritious shake and by mid-morning she opts for a meal of lean protein, with a side of vegetables or salad.

For dinner, she says, she usually mixes protein and whole grains.

Avoiding coffee, not smoking, and not drinking a drop of alcohol are J.Lo's other three golden rules for staying in top form.

2. 2. Targeted workout

At specific moments, JLO does some special diet and training plan like the #10DaysChallenge with which she surprised us at the beginning of the year.

It is about carrying out a diet without sugar or carbohydrates for ten days, a method that in no case should be done without the guidance of a professional.

This  diet together with an exhaustive training plan have been the architects of the singer's already famous abs, which she boasts of with very tight tops

3. 3. Gym and dance sessions

Dancing is part of her work and she rehearses up to 5 hours a day, with the consequent burning of calories that this entails, to give it all on stage.

To tone up her buttocks and legs, in addition to her abs, the actress uses the side plates.

A minimum of 15 repetitions is part of her daily routine at the gym, which also includes squats, which she does on the recommendation of her trainer, adding weight to intensify the result.

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