Is makeup ruining your skin? 7 common mistakes to avoid!

Is makeup ruining your skin? 7 common mistakes to avoid!

The misuse of makeup could cause major problems on your skin, from a simple redness to a terrible rash. The explanation may be that you are misusing makeup or skincare. Find out what 7 common mistakes you may be making and get your best skin ever!

Specialists agree that incorrect use of makeup can cause many skin conditions, including hypersensitivity, acne and dermatitis. Some makeup and skincare can also clog pores, causing premature ageing and acne. Avoid these 7 mistakes to get glowing skin. 

1. Don’t buy the cheapest product

Invest in fewer but better quality products

Skincare and makeup may not be the best products to save money on. While splurging is not necessary either, going for the cheapest product will mostly mean that ingredients are cheap chemicals not suitable for sensitive skin. Cheap ingredients can cause allegric reactions and inflammation on the skin. Also, check that product are labelled as  "non-comedogenic", which means that they are formulated not to clog the pores.

2. Don’t share your makeup

Don't share your makeup

If you and your friends are getting ready for a night out, each should bring their own makeup set. Sharing your cosmetics can be dangerous, since the germs that we have on the skin can pass from one side to the other. This does not apply to aproducts that come with a pump as they are more hygienic.

3. Wash your makeup brushes

Wash your makeup brushes once a week

Brushes can trap dead cells and other germs and deposit them back onto your skin while applying makeup. You should wash your brushes once a week at least with a mild soap without detergent or your shampoo and allow to air dry overnight.

4. Remove makeup correctly

Remove makeup gently

The skin around your eyes is particularly delicate, and rubbing it too hard can break your blood vessels and cause dark circles. Use a mild cleanser to remove makeup and avoid using physical scrubs.

5. Don’t sleep with your makeup on

Never sleep with your makeup on

Your skin regenerates naturally at night, which is why it is called a beauty sleep. If you do not remove your make-up, its ability to regenerate will be impacted. Cleansing is a must and you should never ever skip it.

6. Makeup expires

Check use-by dates

Makeup also has an expiration date, and using expired products can cause irritation and even infections. Check the dates as well as how long a product lasts once opened. Powders tend to last longer than water-based products. But if the smell or texture is off, chuck it. 

7. Wash your makeup bag

Wash your makeup bag

Your makeup bag also needs an occasional wash to remove dust, particles, dirt and bacteria. Depending on the material, wipe it with hot soapy water on the inside and wait for it to dry, or put it in the washing machine.

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