Is Vegan cheese healthy? 3 tips to understand commercial vegan cheese

Is Vegan cheese healthy? 3 tips to understand commercial vegan cheese

If you've decided on a vegan diet you may have already done your farewell cheese ceremony. Just let them go. But if you still crave cheese and opted for a vegan one, this is what you should know about vegan cheese.

More and more people who join the vegan diet are not willing to give up cheese. They usually resort to vegan cheeses that replace them, a product similar in appearance but very different in composition.

When you go to consume this type of product, keep in mind that the so-called "vegan cheeses" are basically made of water, coconut oil, starch, and flavorings. And that is all.

1. 1. Refined Oils

Refined oils

Coconut Oil is very trendy.  So is coconut fat. It's healthy if it's virgin oil. Typically oil used for vegan cheese is refined. Refined coconut oil is better than hydrogenated fat, but it is not a good choice since it has saturated fats.

2. 2. Artificial Flavouring

Chemicals flavors

Usually, artificial chemicals are used to enhance the taste of vegan cheese and bring ti closer to dairy cheeses. There's plenty our there all kinds, but they are usually unhealthy chemicals.

3. 3. Starch

Tapioca starch

Carbohydrates can be divided into three main categories: sugar, fiber, and starch. Starches are the most commonly consumed type of carb and an important source of energy for many people.

Many of the starches people eat today are highly refined. They can actually cause your blood sugar levels to spike rapidly, even though they’re classified as complex carbs.

Typically in commercial vegan cheese, you will find refined starches. Tapioca bein the most common one.

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