4 keys to conscious eating

How to improve your relationship with food. 4 tips for mindful eating.

Beyond superfoods, beyond diets, beyond vegans or hicks, the thing about food is that you always have to be aware of what you're eating.

Mindful eating is about having a peaceful relationship with our food.

It's the opposite of automatic eating. The opposite of eating unhealthy food. The opposite of fighting with food as we usually do with diets.

It's about eating in a way that allows us to enjoy, taste, and have a balanced and healthy relationship with the food.

With Mindful Eating we learn to change the relationship we have with food and decide on multiple aspects related to food from planning, preparation and eating, and in this way, make healthier choices.

It is an effective tool to help people who want to maintain healthy eating habits, as it reduces food crashes, emotional eating and helps to make more conscious and healthy choices about what and how much food to eat.

Here are 4 tips to help you on your journey to mindful eating.

1. 1. The forbidden fruit

Conscious food

Those foods that you avoid will provoke more desire and impulse to eat them, and you will do so in an uncontrolled way. 

2. 2. Learn to listen to your body

Listen to your body

The body generates demands that it needs. If you can understand what it is telling you, there is a part of the feeding that is somehow intuitive.

Your body knows better than anyone what is good for you.

3. 3. Connect with your hunger and satiety

Physical hunger and satiety

You will connect with your hunger and satiety and that means that you will learn to eat healthier, less quantity, and without rigid rules.

4. 4. Detect emotional hunger

Emotional hunger

We don't always eat because we're hungry. We eat because of emotional needs. Identifying this is a big step in eating mindfully.

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