Healthy diet: 5 fruits that improve your digestion Healthy diet: 5 fruits that improve your digestion

Healthy diet: 5 fruits that improve your digestion

Avoid abdominal inflammation, constipation, and slow metabolism with the help of these fruits that make digestion faster and more efficient!  Read on to find out more.

Poor digestion is common and has many causes, but one of the main - and most common - is that our fiber intake is very low. For this reason, it is important to include in our diet certain foods that provide us with this nutrient naturally, and a great option is fruits since these can be consumed during breakfast or as a healthy snack.

Next, we tell you which are the fruits that make digestion faster and are very easy to integrate into your diet.


It contains papain that improves intestinal transit and therefore, improves the health and functioning of the intestines. In addition, it is high in fiber that not only improves your digestion but also makes you feel fuller for longer.


Our advice: eat it for breakfast to start the day on the right foot!


The apple is rich in pectin, which promotes the activity of the intestines. We recommend consuming it with the peel since it also provides many nutrients and fiber.


On the other hand, apple cider vinegar, which is derived from the cider of this fruit, works as a natural laxative, perfect to speed up digestion!


It is an excellent fruit because it has a low glycemic index. It provides very little sugar and has a lot of fiber that improves intestinal mobility.


The ideal is to consume them naturally and without preservatives to enjoy all their benefits.


This fruit contains bromelain, an essential digestive enzyme that makes digestion faster since it increases the speed of the digesting proteins.


You can include it in your favorite smoothie or consume it as a midday snack with a little lemon. There are so many delicious ways to take advantage of its properties!


Kiwi is one of the fruits that has the lowest amount of carbohydrates. It is essential to add it to your diet if you want to maintain your weight.


It also has an enzyme called actinidain protease, which works as a catalyst in the digestion of proteins. This helps prevent inflammation and constipation.

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