Discover the benefits of kimchi

Have you tried Kimchi? Discover the amazing benefits of this probiotic

Kimchi is a millenary super food, natural, healthy, economical and can be kept for several months in the refrigerator. We tell you its benefits and the keys to prepare it at home.

During the pandemic, strengthening your immune system should be one of the priorities. Much is said about the importance of having good defences for the body to "attack" the viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

Strange as it may sound, there are bacteria that are indispensable for humans, they are good bacteria. And we need them to achieve the balance of our intestinal flora. Good bacteria are obtained through the fermentation of food products, they are not the result of a technological process.

Bacteria are indispensable for humans

The process of fermentation is the transformation of food by various bacteria, fungi and the enzymes they produce.

What is kimchi?

Discover the benefits of kimchi

Kimchi is a dish of Korean origin made from different vegetables mixed with different types of spices. The most common one is cabbage -Korean cabbage-, although it can also be made with radishes or cucumber. It is one of the most fashionable fermented foods such as yoghurt, sauerkraut or kefir.

Kimchi is served in different ways and its taste may vary according to the area of production. It can be eaten at any time, from breakfast to dinner, as an appetizer,  side dish or salad, even as an ingredient in a recipe: Kimchi Jjigae soup, Kimchijeon omelette, even kimchi pizza.

Health benefits


This food has multiple benefits. Beginning with the amount of fibre it provides. It significantly improves digestion and its probiotics strengthen the immune system.

Being low in calories and having a satiating capacity, it is good for maintaining healthy weight.

It provides vitamins A, B and C as well as antioxidants.

Multiple studies show that kimchi can improve skin health as well as prevent and reduce the severity of colds

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