Hairdressers' secrets: How to curl your hair without heat Hairdressers' secrets: How to curl your hair without heat

Hairdressers' secrets: How to curl your hair without heat

Learn how to curl your hair without using the iron or the tweezers. Read on to find out more.

More and more people are looking for solutions and easy tricks to achieve waves or curls without iron and without curlers for the summer. 

Girls with curly hair have many more advantages than those who have it straight because it costs us much more to get beach waves or ideal curls without the need to do it with the hair straightener or tweezers. 

How to curl your hair from home and without heat with the best tips from hairdressers

Enzo Pineda, director of the Enzo Hair Boutique salon, told TELVA that "curling hair without a heat source can be done in many ways. It is true that not all hair is the same but we could say that as a general trick, we should let the hair air dry after washing and moisturizing and towel drying almost completely."

In addition, the stylist Sandra Sadler, Coolday hairstylist, said that the ideal thing to do to make those waves without heat "would be to have slightly weathered hair to have less weight and to be able to enhance the waves. A good haircut is essential to achieve that hair wavy and curly in addition to using a gel-type product or texturizing spray that favors that wave or curl."


María Baras, artistic director of Cheska gives a trick that always works and is none other than "make many braids of all sizes and leave them a little wet all night and wake up with mermaid waves that take a lot".

Achieving wavy hair is not that difficult


Baras also points out that if you don't have time to make so many braids, you can also twist your hair or twist with tiny strands with medium-wet hair, hold with hairpins and let them dry for hours or sleep with them to wake up with undone waves or surfers. 

"You can go by placing the twists or twisted back with a clamp or put some gummies making the part in the middle and make those twists and hold them behind to get loose waves and great curls when released," tells us the stylist and hairstyle expert.


Another technique to curl hair is plopping, said Alberto Sanguino. "Wash the hair and without removing the moisture, apply a curl-enhancing product. Next, place a long-sleeved shirt on a table or chair and put the hair over the shirt, keeping the head low to concentrate the curls in the upper area of the head. Begin by covering the head with the shirt up to the nape of the neck and finish by tying the sleeves of the shirt in the nape area. Let the hair dry inside the shirt, approximately two hours depending on the density of your hair and finish by removing the shirt and opening the curl with your hands."

"Wash the hair and without removing the moisture, apply a curl-enhancing product"


The greater number of bows you make in your hair, you will get more and more curls and more defined. "Start by winding your hair in the buns that you want back and fixing them with hairpins or with a rubber band. You can apply a curl-enhancing product and sleep with the buns or let your hair dry for two hours depending on the time of the density of your hair," recommends the expert from Llongueras.

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