Get rid of the diet mentality in 4 steps

Diet fatigue: Get rid of the diet mentality in 4 steps

Have you ever experienced diet stress? I'm sure you have. If your diet drags you down and makes you feel anxious, don't worry, you are not alone. Take a minute and think of how many diets you have tried since your teens...

Probably far too many to count, right? Has any of them worked long-term? Do you actually feel good when counting calories, saying no to that slice of cake, replacing your coffee with some weird super-food potion? If your New Year’s Day starts with the same resolution to “lose the holiday weight” or something along the lines, then it might be the right time to ditch your diet mentality.

1. 1. Eat to feel good

Get rid of the diet mentality eating to feel good

Whilst you may not be a huge fan of broccoli and bean chili, you have to admit it’s the kind of food that actually makes you feel healthy long term. Burger and fries watered down with a pint are great for an occasional pub crawl, but a week of that will inevitably give you a headache and the sluggish feeling we all hate. Focus on wholesome foods that provide the nutrients you need to feel great.

No, we don’t mean eating pizza and doughnuts.

2. 2. Eat mindful

Eat mindfully to get rid of the diet mentality

Not paying attention to your food leads to overeating and takes away any pleasure food brings you. No matter how busy you are, you can always find 20 minutes to sit down and have a proper meal. Arrange your food on the plate, focus on the textures, the colors and the taste. You’ll feel more satisfied than when you gobble down a store-bought sandwich on the way to the office.

It’s time to break up with the TV/mobile/laptop or whatever you’re doing while you’re eating.

3. 3. Learn to recognize fullness

Learn to recognize fullness

It takes time for the brain to recognize fullness so inhaling your food doesn’t do you any favors. Tune into your body and eat when you are hungry, not when “it’s time to”. Stop following the strict plans that allow for two almonds and half an apple at 11 am sharp. You already follow too many rules. Eat intuitively.

Eat slowly and stop when you’re about 80% full.

4. 4. Give yourself a break

Give yourself permission to enjoy an occasional dessert

Let’s face it. We all eventually succumb to that chocolate brownie, the ice cream cone, the gigantic cookie from your local coffee store. And the inevitable sense of guilt that follows. Well, guess what? The doughnut isn’t going to kill you.

Give yourself permission to enjoy an occasional dessert or a not-so-perfect meal. Your body can handle it.

Knowing you can have all these things will make you want them less. The forbidden fruit effect is no longer there.

As long as you stick to a roughly 80% healthy 20% “naughty” meals, you’re fine. Equally, don’t let one bad meal become a bad day or a bad week. Enjoy that cake or burger and move on. 

One salad won’t make you lose weight just as one brownie won’t make you gain any


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