From beauty to cleaning: 5 surprising ways to use your leftover tea leaves

You would be surprised to learn that your used tea leaves can have a second life. Pretty much everything can be reused! Today, we list 5 awesome uses of leftover tea leaves. 

1. Use them to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. 

Cleaning a mirror with leftover tea leaves

Yes, black and green tea are great for cleaning glass surfaces, and especially mirrors. Brew your used tea leaves again, leave to cool completely, and use the liquid to clean your mirrors or glass surfaces. You can add a drop of vinegar for extra shine!  

2. Freshen up your fridge. 

Freshen-up your fridge with tea leaves

Neutralize fridge smells by putting a small container of dry leftover tea leaves on the middle shelf. Extra tip: for a more powerful product, add a bit of soda bicarbonate. 

You can also mix dry leftover tea leaves with dried lavender and place the sachets in your closet to deter bugs!

3. Water your plants

Nourish your plants with tea

Using leftover brewed tea can be helpful to fertilize, and nourish plants. Use organic brands to limit pesticide use. Just brew the tea leaves again, leave to cool completely (needless to say, you should never water plants with hot water), and water your plants. Plants that enjoy marginally acidic soil will do well with the addition of tea.

4. As an eye mask

Use tea leaves as an eye mask

Green and white tea leaves can be used for freshening up tired eyes. Tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Simply fill the cotton tea bags with tea leaves and shortly soak them in warm water. Let them cool down until they reach a comfortable temperature and place over your eyes. Keep for 5-10 minutes. 

5. As a foot soak

A relaxing foot bath

Green tea is great for deodorizing shoes, but you can also use it for your feet.  Catechins in green tea have antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties and may help with fighting bacteria. Prepare a foot bath by steeping some leftover green tea in hot water, let it "brew" for 20-25 minutes, or until the water is cool enough for soaking feet. Enjoy a nice foot bath!

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