Enhance your senses with Forest Bathing

The art of SHINRIN YOKU makes you connect with nature and its aromas and essential oils. A forest can be as effective as many treatments in reducing stress and cell damage


1. 1. Sight

Activate your sight

Perceive or contemplate the different shades of green or the colors of nature (flowers).

Also, the organizations or structures existing in nature, like for example the disposition of the leaves in a branch or the petals of a flower.

When you are in contact with nature for a while, your visual acuity is activated, allowing you to capture the presence of small or distinctive elements of nature that are not visible at first.

2. 2. Smell

Sense of smell

Get close to the source of an aroma that dominates the natural environment or gets close to flowers, or take leaves by rubbing them a little in your hands, or get close to the ground to feel the aroma of sand, earth or leaves.

If you have trees around you, check the trunk for the resin to feel its fragrance.

3. 3. Touch

Sense of touch

Fundamental to awaken sensitivity. To do this touch branches, leaves, the bark of the trunk, the stones, and lichens in them.

It perceives the diverse textures, the temperature, the humidity, the hardness or softness, the rigidity, or the flexibility.

4. 4. Hearing

Activate the ear

Close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds that nature emits. If you are near any water source you will be able to hear the water running.

You can also hear the sound of leaves moving in the wind, if you are on top of a hill you can hear the sound of the wind, hear the sounds of singing birds or hear the crackling of the leaves as you step on them.

5. 5. Taste

Sense of taste

If you are near a watercourse take a sip and hold it in your mouth and then swallow it.

If there are wild fruits recognized as edible, taste them as if you were eating a wild fruit for the first time.

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