Dream destinations: 4 places to travel to be alone

Dream destinations: 4 places to travel to be alone

Perhaps in a short time we will return, at least in part, to living normally. And that means... yes, what you're waiting for: travel!

We point out 4 places on the world map where you are sure to find social distancing. These amazing destination will give you some much-needed alone time. Despite being tourist spots, you are unlikely to encounter many people there.

1. 1. Iceland

Isolation and solitude are guaranteed in this country.

Iceland is one of the best destinations for this season according to tourism experts. It's a natural paradise. You can observe northern lights, wonderful geysers, amazing springs and waterfalls.

Isolation and solitude are guaranteed in this country. And if you go out of Reykjavik, its capital, which is exciting thanks to its natural beauty and culture, I assure you that you will not come across many people.

2. 2. Patagonia

The natural beauty of Patagonia is undeniable

In the extreme south of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is a vast, windy and cold desert in winter where loneliness is precisely what prevails.

This is an area where many activities take place in the midst of incredible natural beauty.

The main activities you can do in Patagonia are sailing, mountaineering, trekking, rafting, skiing, fishing or gastronomy and almost always with less than 5 inhabitants per square kilometer.

3. 3. Mongolia

Mongolia is a fantastic destination to explore

As fascinating as it is unknown, it is the least densely populated country in the world. It has vast expanses of deserts and grasslands (covered with snow in winter and sand and grass in summer). Its natural spaces are immense and very beautiful. If being alone is your thing, an adventure in the Gobi desert is a must.

4. 4. Namibia

The variety of landscapes in Namibia

This is one of the most beautiful destinations in Africa. In addition to its natural beauty and its varied fauna, it has a good tourist infrastructure.

A good way to tour Namibia is with an off-road vehicle that includes the service of a driver and a guide.

The variety is impressive: desert areas, forests, mountains, savannahs and plains. And a very diverse fauna: leopards, giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, buffalos, rhinos and cheetahs, among others. Tented camps are small and you won't encounter many people on a game drive.

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