3 different meditation techniques to help with sleeping disorders

3 different meditation techniques to help with sleeping disorders

Meditation can be very useful for a good night's sleep. It helps to relax the nervous system. It facilitates relaxation of the body and mind. It leaves behind the stress of the day so that the body prepares itself to rest.

Meditation doesn't just help you sleep. It allows you to achieve a situation of inner peace that can serve you in other aspects of your daily life. With simple meditation techniques, you can be sure that you will improve your quality of life. 

Remember that no technique is better than the other. Try as many as you need until you find the one that works for you.

Start with just a couple of minutes a day and before you know it, you won't be able to miss it. After all, meditation is like a shower for your mind.

There are different meditation styles. Let's explore some of them together.

1. Sahaj Samadhi meditation technique

Sahaj Samadhi meditation

All you need to practice this technique is a quiet space and a constant main sound: A mantra.

All you have to do is settle in, take 20 minutes twice a day and a permanent mantra that brings you peace.

You can be sure that you will achieve a good balance of the nervous system and get a deeper sleep.

2. Guided Meditation

There are no excuses for not practicing this extremely comfortable technique.

A good thing: they take you step by step through the meditation practice.

Walk around the neighborhood and you will find a book or CD about guided meditation in any bookstore. And then, all you have to do is let yourself go!

These CDs or meditation books include Shanti meditation, Panchakosha meditation, Om meditation, and Om Hari meditation. Quite a lot to choose from! Here are some examples:

Or this amazing Guided Meditation playlist in Spotify  

3. Yogic Sleep

Yogic Sleep

Nidra is a systematic yoga method for physical, emotional and mental relaxation. This technique allows you to get to know different parts of your body while you are lying down.

Nidra Yoga can help you have a better sleep.

Those who practice it, and are real experts, say it is a powerful technique that helps us relax consciously. They say the state of relaxation is reached when consciousness is separated from external experience (sensory organs) and from sleep, then the mind stands still like a surface of a lake on a sunny day.

We can improve the harmony of our body, our ability to concentrate and develop our memory, increase our knowledge skills, our creativity, discover our inner potential and restructure our mind.

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