Do you need a new exercise routine? Get inspired by the 7 most influential fitness trainers

Do you need a new exercise routine? Get inspired by the 7 most influential fitness trainers

Bored of your exercise routine? Do you need motivation or new routines? We have the solution for you! Get inspired by the 10 most influential fitness trainers. We assure you that with their workout routines, meal plans and high-performance exercises, you will want to train again.

Social networks have become powerful means of communications and fitness gurus are taking advantage to promote their plans. Having a role model of sorts can be the starting point to change your lifestyle and stay committed to your training.

This is the top 10 of the most influential fitness trainers. 

1. 1. Michelle Lewin

With her 13.6 million followers, you can get her as @michelle_lewin on Instagram

Venezuelan Michelle Lewin is one of the biggest social media stars in the fitness industry. Her followers range from hardcore fitness enthusiasts to casual gym-goers.

2. 2. Jen Selter

With her 12.7 million followers on Instagram is revolutionizing networks, you can find her as @jenselter

She is an influencer of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, her goal is to motivate her followers to reach their own goals to achieve a good physical condition thanks to her training plans.

3. 3. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has 12.5 million followers on her Instagram account, where you can find her as @kayla_itsines, she is best known for her “Bikini Body Guides” ebook series and her workout and meal planning app “Sweat with Kayla ”and has been named one of the 30 Most Influential People by Time on the Internet.

4. 4. Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi, @bellafalconi on Instagram, has 4.1 million followers on her account. This Brazilian fitness celebrity is a certified personal trainer, fitness model and motivational speaker. She is proof that you can perfectly balance motherhood with homemade exercises.

5. 5. Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen, has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She is the author of numerous workouts and she is a renowned yoga guru. She spent years studying in Central America before building her incredible Instagram account. Brathern hopes followers will find inner peace to achieve maximum happiness. You can follow her on Instagram @yoga_girl

6. 6. Alexa Jean Brown

Alexa Jean Brown, is a mother of 2 children and an enthusiast of physical activity that aims to help motivate women to exercise even having super busy lives, she has 1.6 million followers on the social network and you can find her as @alexajeanfitness.

7. 7. Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins, with 702,000 followers, is an exercise coach for stars. With 25 years in the industry, she knows perfectly what you need to be stronger. So if you are looking for motivation, but also rigorous training, she is the one! You can find her on Instagram as @msjeanettejenkins

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