Divorce Consultations Spike During COVID 19. How is self-isolation impacting couples Daily Life

Love is in crisis. The COVID19 pandemic forces us to share space and spend more time together, and that can kill the passion and romanticism. But what are the real reasons behind the conflict?

Love is radically tested during the COVID pandemic. In several countries, couples have increased their consultations with lawyers for separation or divorce proceedings.

What does data say?

Not much. There are still no studies on this phenomenon, but in some countries such as Spain, Italy, the United States and Brazil, some lawyers claim that there has been a 30 to 50% increase in the number of consultations for divorce.

Reduced spaces

"Permanenty" living together. Many of us are sharing small spaces such as apartments or studios, this is a challenge for may. Some couples are struggling with their life beign gluded to one another.


If there are children, in addition, things can get more complicated by the disorder, games and everything that interrupts moments of work or loneliness for the couple.

Economic crisis

Once the health crisis has passed, the economic crisis will have to be dealt with: we might witness an increase in divorces as a result of the stress of being confined to our spouses for so long.

Surely, anthropologists say, we are not prepared, o able to live with another person 24 hours a day for several weeks or months.

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