3 steps to decorate vegetable boxes

Do you happen to have some vegetable boxes and like boho deco? Follow these 3 super easy steps to add some storage space and make your home glow!

Who doesn't need some more storage space? We all do! Here you'll find a way to restore old wooden boxes -it'll help you relax and explore your creativity and it is also great for the environment!

If you are into Boho style, you probably know that boho home decor combines items that are relaxed but at the same time are unique and make a statement. The look involves an eclectic selection of natural elements and many colors, patterns, and textures. Now, if you enjoy working with wood and you need a little relaxation, you have a mission: to decorate wooden boxes and get some bonus storage space for your objects. It's a simple and fun task achieved in 3 simple steps.

1. Find some wooden boxes

Get some wooden boxes: 3 steps to decorate vegetable boxes

You can buy them from vintage shops or online and they are excellent for many things. But it is much more fun to go out for a walk in the neighborhood and ask some shopkeepers, especially grocery and win stores if they have wooden boxes that they don't use.

2. Get some cleaning done

To decorate vegetable boxes, be sure to clean out the boxes firts

If you got your boxes from a local store, you have to work a bit on them. Get some sanding paper and sand all the stains and impurities, chips and stains from the wood. Tip: remember to sand with the grain and for a better finish use a sanding block, it'll be easier for you and the wood will look more even. 

If you have, on the other hand, bought a box online, you can totally omit this step!

3. Start having fun with the decorations!

Decorate vegetable boxes: Choose the colours you like best

Once the box is ready, you have the process ready to start painting and decorating as you like.  If you are going to keep the boxes in your yard, remember to use a good exterior varnish for long-lasting wood.

You can decorate your wooden box with spray paint and use stencil kits or decoupage -the choice is endless!

You can also hang them from your wall, just make sure the box can stand the weight of the things you are going to store. If you put books, which usually weigh quite a bit, make sure the wood can resist. 

4. For a little inspiration

Here’s a fun video with 25 ideas on how to use a wood crate.

25 Wood Crate Storage Ideas

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