DIY #1 (DO IT YOURSELF): 3 steps to decorate vegetable boxes

You may have entered the savings cycle. This crisis has left us all a little more focused on saving but that's no reason not to decorate your house and tastefully arrange your things.

If you like wood and you need a little relaxation, you have a mission: to decorate wooden boxes to be able to store your objects. It's a simple and fun task achieved in 3 simple steps.

1. Get some wooden boxes

Get some wooden boxes: 3 steps to decorate vegetable boxes

You can buy them from vintage shops or online and they are excellent for many things. But it is much more fun to go out for a walk in the neighbourhood and ask some shopkeepers, especially grocery and win stores if they have wooden boxes that they don't use.

2. Clean out the boxes

To decorate vegetable boxes, be sure to clean out the boxes firts

This step is important because they are most likely to be dirty. Even the wood may be wet. It is not a bad idea to buy sanding paper or sand it with a machine to clean impurities from wood, chips or to remove nails.

3. Choose the colours you like best

Decorate vegetable boxes: Choose the colours you like best

Once the box is ready, you have the process ready to start painting and decorating as you like. It is important that you can add some device that allows you to hang it from the back. That way you can use it on the wall too.

You have to pay attention to the weight you place: if you put books, which usually weigh quite a bit, the wood must resist.

Another great way to decorate a wooden box is spray paint them using stencil kits or decoupage. Youtube is filled with fun tutorials.

4. For a little inspiration

Here’s a fun video with 25 ideas on how to use a wood crate.

25 Wood Crate Storage Ideas

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