Clothes made out of plastic. 5 Brands that turn garbage into fashion!

5 Brands that turn garbage into fashion!

Some claim that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. The majority of plastics we use are not biodegradable and, end up in our oceans.  Some fashion companies starting to transform plastic waste into clothes and accessories. Check out these amazing and eco-friendly clothes!

We have to stop using plastic. it's estimated that at the current consumption rate the ocean will have nearly 400 million metric tons of plastic by 2050.

That is where recycling comes in. Check out these 5 brands that make amazing and fashionable clothes out of recycled plastic!

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1. 1. Girlfriend Collective

 Girlfriend Collective is a transparent company that ethically produces sports bras and leggings made from recycled plastic. They use 2 materials. Recycled polyester made from plastic bottles and their nylon made out of recycled fishing nets. The combination is perfect for dry-fit clothes!

2. 2. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman produces designer clothing that is long-lasting and high-quality. It uses a range of earth-conscious materials including cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester,

Ranging from bold colors to sophisticated dressed. Mara Hoffman has got you covered from a summer dress to a night out in town!

3. 3. Elle Evans

Australian-based Elle Evans is paving the way into sustainable swimwear. The produce stunning swimsuits for women made out of fabric waste. Elle Evans also offers a take-back service, with which you can safely dispose of your used clothes.

4. 4. ADAY

With a clear mission, ADAY strives to "simplify our wardrobes, with a new standard for clothing that lets us do more with less. And, we do it in a way that is conscious.". Aday produces casual clothes at affordable prices while minimizing waste and water usage.

5. 5. Ecolaf

Since 2009, Ecoaf rescues ocean plastic and turns it into sustainable fashion. Their products have amazing quality and design.  In 2019, in collaboration with Desigual, they made parkas out of recycled materials!

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