Celebrities’ secret diets Celebrities’ secret diets

Celebrities’ secret diets

3 diets that will get you closer to that dream body

By  KOKO News

We always wonder how the stars achieve those Olympian goddesses bodies. Well, in this article we will reveal the secret of 3 celebrities to achieve their spectacular figures.

According to some studies, a large portion of energy must come from carbohydrates, but some research highlights the benefits of other food groups that also prove to be a valuable source of energy.

In this article we reveal 3 diets followed by our favorite celebs that help them dazzle on the big and small screens.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Our favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston, maintains her slim figure with the diet The Zone.

Jen was the first celebrity to use this diet, which consists of eating 5 meals a day, with a balance between carbohydrates, proteins and fats with a ratio of 40/30/30.

How to

Divide the plate into 3 equal parts and start by putting the protein in one of the thirds, then fill the other 2/3 of the plate or the volume of 2 fists of carbohydrates from salad and vegetables, since they are richer antioxidants and generally provide less glucose and finally add the fat a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Good fats are also guacamole or nuts like walnuts.

Although it is not a restrictive diet and a wide variety of foods can be consumed, care must be taken with the proportions.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker secret

The star of Sex and the City, SARAH JESSICA PARKER, follows the Hamptons diet.

This diet based on low-fat proteins, vegetables, a moderate consumption of carbohydrates (pasta and bread), and the elimination of sugar in the diet, is the secret behind her incredible figure.

The Hamptons diet is one of the diets that involves a change of mentality and eating habits at the time of intake.

Alcohol and sweets are restricted, which, let’s face it, is something we should all be doing.

3. Madonna

Madonna body secret

The queen of POP, actress and composer MADONNA, is the most daring. The Macrobiotic Diet.

The pop singer only eats organic products and prefers whole grains. The macrobiotic diet is based on Zen Buddhism and ancient Chinese medicine. More a lifestyle than just a diet, if you may.

The diet per se is based on two pillars that achieve balance (Yin and Yang), which reflects the relationship between the state of mind and food. It is based on consumption of whole grains (50%), vegetables (25%) and legumes (15%) of the daily intake.

 Animal protein includes only white fish twice a week and chicken is occasionally allowed. Eggs can be consumed once every ten days. Dry and stewed fruit can be consumed daily and fresh, occasionally.

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