Caring for your swimwear: 4 Simple ways of making them last longer

With summer comes the swimsuits. Seawater or chlorine, sun, or sand are elements that affect the fabric of swimwear. Read on for a simple guide on how to take care of your swimwear -and the environment as well!

Although many enjoy buying a swimsuit that is the latest in fashion, they don't always know how to care for it so that it looks new all summer long. Remember that when you extend the life of the clothing items you are also taking care of the environment -you'll be reducing your carbon footprint. 

4 Simple ways of making them last longer 

1. Before wearing 

5 tips to take care of your swimsuit

It is essential to wash your swimwear before use because these are garments that are worn directly on the skin. Whether it is a new swimsuit or an old one. 

2. Check the labels

5 tips to take care of your swimsuit

Ideally, you should always read the instructions on the labels, as care will depend on the material the swimsuit is made of.

It is best to wash swimsuits immediately after each use, either at the beach to remove the sand and sea salt, or in the pool to remove the chlorine that can deteriorate the fabric.

Two options for washing

  1.  If it is by hand, fill a suitable container and add a mild detergent, lather slightly, rub gently and rinse with plenty of water.
  2. In the washing machine, they should be placed in a bag and put in a gentle washing cycle.

3. Dry in the shade

Don't dry it in the sun.

For drying, swimwear should be hung upside down, in the shade, and in an airy place.

In the case of a bikini, wash and hang both pieces together.

It is not recommended to use the dryer, as heat can damage the garments, cause them to shrink or discolor them.

4. Elements

check that there are no items that can get caught in the fabrics

To ensure that the swimsuit is kept in good condition, it is important to be careful when it is being worn: check that there are no items that can get caught in the fabrics (nails, ornaments, rings, among others).

Investing in timeless pieces and taking care of your swimwear will make it last longer. 

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