Brittle nails? Discover why your nails are breaking Brittle nails? Discover why your nails are breaking

Brittle nails? Discover why your nails are breaking

The hands are one of the parts of the body that are first seen and they accompany us all day. Besides, they are always in plain sight. If you are tired of not knowing how to care about them, don’t worry, here you have the answer.

Having the nails neat and tidy needs some work, besides you choose or not having them done. It is not enough to have them healthy with some polish. There are some habits that can completely change their looking and health. And prevent nails from breaking!

1. No bites!

Do not bite your nails!

Bitting your nails is absolutely not a good idea. This will make them look ghastly and also show irregular endings of the nails. It could also be painful!

2. How do you remove your polish?

It is better to get a quality remover.

Although it may seem unimportant, buying a quality polish-remover is essential for a correct cleaning process. If we get some poor quality remover, this will lead to dryness and the loss of moisture. Besides, it will require more effort to remove the enamel.

3. Avoid water

Chemicals and water can damage your nails.

Not only water but also chemicals, soaps, and solvents largely damage the appearance and health of the nails. The solution is very simple, it is all about wearing some gloves to prevent the nails from getting in touch with all those compound mentioned above.

4. Reduce the tapping

Tapping weakens the nails.

Nowadays we do not even notice, but we are constantly causing some trauma to the nails when tapping on the cellphone, computer, and other devices. Try not to tap with the nails, and do it with the fingertips instead. Causing this trauma weakens the nails and make them brittle.

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