Braids: 4 styles to get rid of hair frizz Braids: 4 styles to get rid of hair frizz

Braids: 4 styles to get rid of hair frizz

Thanks to these tips, neither the rain nor the wind will be able to ruin your hair again. Take note!

The braid is one of the cutest and most romantic hairstyles out there. However, for those who lead a very busy life - or simply do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror - braids are a hairstyle that they do not decide to try.

Do not worry! We've put together five braids that, in addition to being easy and quick to do, are perfect for frizz-free hair. Now, you can show off and fight the effects of weather like a professional.

1. Braid headband

This hairstyle is ideal for long or medium hair. Just part the top of your hair in the middle, bring your fringe and the largest part back and hold.

Take a section of about two inches near the nape of your neck and start braiding, holding it with a transparent garter. Repeat on the other side and loosen your hair and comb it back.

Pass the left braid to the right side as a headband and put a barrette; do the same on the other side, done!

2. Side chic braid

Bring your hair to the side and divide it into two: front and back. Tie the first with a rubber band and pass the second part through the middle of it. Raise the garter a little and place another one in the second part of your hair and pass the first in the middle of it.

Repeat until done and fasten with another rubber band. It sounds like a difficult hairstyle to do, but it is not! Check out the following video to get a better idea.

3. Braid and half tail

Part your hair, take a stand and start braiding taking pieces of hair as you do it. Repeat on the other side and join both braids in half tail with pins. Easy and super fast!

4. Braided ponytail

If you want a practical and easy style, then this is for you. Just make a ponytail, take two strands of hair and twist them. Cross them following the first step and secure with a rubber band. Loosen up a bit, and you're done!

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