Body care: 4 tools for an effective dry brushing Body care: 4 tools for an effective dry brushing

Body care: 4 tools for an effective dry brushing

This technique originated many years ago but it has become very popular lately. Discover what is it for and the best brushes!

Dry brushing is an effective technique that helps to care for the skin. Experts even say it is very effective to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin. The most important part is the tool and the constancy. In this way, you will improve your technique and the results.

Dry brushing also activates circulation and generates a good dose of endorphins. Besides, many stores started to sell these brushes in an eco-friendly version to reduce the waste and damage to the planet.  Discover some of them!

1. 1. Draining and exfoliating body brush

Draining and exfoliating body brush

MioCare offers an option for draining and exfoliating your skin. This brush can be used in wet o dry skin and you will be fascinated with the noodles that gently massage your skin. They boost blood circulation.

2. 2. Polishing body brush

Polishing body brush

Aromatherapy Associates has a more eco-friendly option with cactus bristles. You can use it on dry skin, from the feet going upward to stimulate circulation.

3. 3. Massage brush

Massage brush

Ideal for blood circulation, you can use this brush for a dry massage. Besides, it has beech and agave bristles.

4. 4. Long brush

Long brush

This option from The Body Shop is excellent for reaching certain parts of the body that are more difficult to reach with a regular brush. It has a long cactus handle and you can use it for dry brushing or in the shower with some gel and circular movements. It is ideal to eliminate dry skin and activate circulation.

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