Blue Zones: Where You Can Live Happier, Longer and Better Blue Zones: Where You Can Live Happier, Longer and Better

Blue Zones: Where You Can Live Happier, Longer and Better

Five areas in the world are known as Blue Zones, which are recognized for the longevity, health, and happiness levels of their inhabitants.

The term was coined by the American National Geographic Fellow, Dan Buettner, who spent years researching the regions. Find out where in the world centenarians remain happy and healthy throughout their entire lives. 

1. Okinawa, Japan

Kabira-Bay, Okinawa

South of mainland Japan lies Okinawa, a group of islands once called the land of immortals. Studies show that two-thirds of those who reach 100 still live independently and women here live longer than any women on the planet.  Okinawans have also been found to have low rates of heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. 

2. Loma Linda, California

Loma Linda, California (USA).

Unlike its sisters, Loma Linda isn’t a Blue Zone because of its number of centenarians. It qualified as such due to life expectancy and low disease risk compared to the rest of the US. The Adventist community here live as much as a decade longer than other Americans. Much of their health and longevity can be attributed to a plant-based diet and regular exercise. 

3. Ikaria, Greece

Evdilos: Seychelles Beach, Greece

Ikarians are almost entirely free of dementia and other chronic diseases that tend to plague the Western world. One in three residents will celebrate their 90s.  Geography, culture, diet, lifestyle, and positive outlook explain their longevity. They enjoy red wine and a relaxed yet active pace of life. 

4. Sardinia, Italy

Costa Paradiso, Olbia Tempio, Sardinia, Italy.

Home to the world's longest-living men and nearly 10 times more centenarians per capita than in the U.S. Sardinians are culturally isolated and have kept their traditional lifestyle. They still hunt and harvest their food, spend lots of time with friends and family and drink wine in moderation.

5. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Costa Rican sixty-year-olds have the longest life expectancy of anyone in the world. Statistics from The World Health Report place Costa Rica third in life expectancy across the globe. In the Nicoya Peninsula, residents live even longer than those in other areas of the country. They are known for their positive outlook, strong family ties, and active lifestyle.

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