Best Cardio Workouts for a healthy heart

Best Cardio Workouts for a healthy heart

These exercises are the best you for your heart. Add a healthy diet to that, your heart will thank you.

A healthy life is a healthy heart. Luckily, there are many things you can do for that. And they're all simple. After all, it's all a matter of a little common sense and a lot of consistency

Golden rule: always warm up and stretch

The muscles and circulatory system need to be prepared slowly. Never jump into exercise without a warm-up. And finish with 10 minutes to slow down and stretch.

1. Walk three times a week

Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart

All doctors suggest aerobic exercise to strengthen the heart. It has great benefits. It raises the heart rate, uses oxygen as fuel, and makes the body use it more efficiently.

Best of all, walking is great for all ages: it’s low impact, does not damage the joints.

You to burn calories: 300 per hour of moderate walking and 550 if it is fast

2. Jogging or running

Jogging, for healthy heart

One of the most popular exercises. Try to take it easy. Start for 10 minutes and add a couple of minutes each day until you find your rhythm.

What does it take to run? A pair of trainers suitable for the terrain are a must:

Running on the flat surface is not the same as running in the mountains, as the foot moves more and needs lateral supports.

3. Swimming

Swimming, for healthy heart

It allows you to burn a lot of calories, increases muscle strength, and can be done at all ages because it does not cause pain in joints or muscles.

Two and a half hours a week reduces the risk of heart disease.

4. Step classes

Step classes strengthens the leg muscles

It is a complete aerobic workout that also strengthens the leg muscles

The height of the step (4 to 10") depends on your level of training, your height, and coordination. You start with a 4" platform to stay in a training zone of 60-75% of total heart capacity.

5. Kickboxing

Kickboxing for healthy heart

It combines fighting techniques from boxing and martial arts and uses feet and fists to hit.

The classes are simulated fighting and are a fun way to perform an aerobic exercise through punches, kicks and self-defense moves. The body is always active, and the class is combined with sit-ups, crunches and push-ups.

6. Tae Bo

Tae Bo for healthy heart

Tae Bo is another exercise program that combines the agility of martial art with the strength of boxing and the flexibility of dance.

It allows you to get rid of about 350 calories every 30 minutes of activity.

7. Spinning

Spinning strengthens the heart

It is a group exercise led by a trainer in which students pedal in one-hour classes with music and different levels of demand. It strengthens the heart and is great for burning about 600 calories per hour

It is essential to bring a towel and a (reusable) bottle of water!

8.  Dance aerobics

Dance for healthy heart

Performed to good music, it requires coordination, rhythm and flexibility. With time the body adapts and allows the activity to be performed without fatigue. As it is a high impact, it is not recommended for injured joints.

Fun guaranteed.

9. Cleaning the house and garden

Gardening helps your heart.

Wait, what? Yes, any kind of activity counts, even everyday ones like cleaning the house and gardening, if it is done with energy and joy. Take care of your garden and you will take care of your heart.

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