5 Cardio exercises you can do even if your knee hurts

Bad knees? Check these 5 cardio exercises you can still do

Who said you couldn’t work out with a knee injury or joint pain in your knees? While it’s true that some activities like running aren’t recommended, that doesn’t mean there are no other exercises suited for you. Once you’ve talked to a professional about your exact capabilities and limits, check these cardio exercises!

1. 1. Cycling

Riding a bike can be a great cardio workout even for people with bad knees. Just make sure to wear a helmet!

This exercise will increase the strength and flexibility in your knees but isn’t advisable if bending your knee causes you pain. You can choose to ride an exercise bike indoors or go outside, both of which will help you burn fat fast. Make sure to raise your seat level and avoid hills in order to prevent applying too much pressure on your knees.

2. 2. Pilates

Pilates helps to keep the body healthy in many ways and is approachable for those with bad knees as well.

As long as you’re doing it correctly, Pilates is a great way to work out without over-stressing your knees. This kind of exercise will improve your mental and physical health, as it helps to fight stress and also has a positive impact on your posture, muscles, and joints.

3. 3. Swimming

Swimming makes you work your glutes, abdominals, and more, which is why it’s such a versatile exercise.

Jumping into a pool for a few laps is a form of low-impact fitness that has amazing consequences on your body. As it involves all the important muscle groups in your body, it’s very effective when it comes to calorie-burning. Try whichever stroke you feel comfortable with and notice the effects!

4. 4. Rowing

Pulling while rowing will increase your core strength without applying impact on your knees.

This is also an effective exercise to put your whole body in movement. At the same time, it helps to improve your core strength and burn calories. However, if your knees hurt when you bend them repeatedly, this workout isn’t for you; only if the impact is what bothers you will it help.

5. 5. Ellipticals

Ellipticals are a great alternative to treadmills for people with bad knees.

An elliptical machine prevents serious injuries to your knees, hips, back, and neck, while still testing your resistance and building cardiovascular fitness. Additionally, your increased heart rate will help you burn calories faster.

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