3 Ideas for Creative Recycling

A step towards a more sustainable lifestyle: Check these 3 Ideas for Creative Recycling!

Creative recycling offers us an added value: it helps us encourage our creativity and makes us more likely to seek everyday solutions with the materials, elements and products we have at hand.

Make recycling a habit

Recycling is not only good for the environment -for obvious reasons- but it is also good for your mind: it makes us feel better about the role we play in society and it reduces the feeling of guilt that stems from our constant consumption.

Recycling can also stimulate your creativity and by doing so, you can reduce stress. So start classifying materials and products that you no longer use and looking for new ways to use them through innovative ideas. At the same time that you work on creativity, recycling from old products that you no longer use, you contribute to responsible consumption.

Use your creativity to recycle!

It is not just a matter of sorting and reusing; the main benefit of creative recycling is knowing how to take advantage of what we already have and give it a second or even a third cycle of use, thus favoring a model of responsible consumption.

We have selected 3 ideas for you to recycle with creativity. You will be surprised how easy it is to implement them.

1. 1. Use plastic bottles as pots

Re use your plastics bottles for your urban garden

It's a good idea to create an urban garden, but you're going to need a big budget for pots. You can avoid this and contribute to responsible consumption by using empty plastic bottles.

Cut them in half, make a small cut at the base so that the water can drain, and fill them with soil to plant as you like.

An urban garden is a great way to grow your own food and to start an activity that not only helps the environment but also your physical and mental development.

2. 2. Pasta and vegetable containers

Store your paste in used bottles

With the plastic bottles, you can make containers to save space and keep the pasta and vegetables fresh for longer. You can use plastic bottles, for example for soft drinks, and add rice, chickpeas or pasta to keep them handy.

3. 3. Tidy up your wires

Use the cardboard that serves to roll up the kitchen paper as a tool to roll up the cables.

Tired of tidying up cables in a box but they always end up being rolled up?. Use the cardboard that serves to roll up the kitchen paper as a tool to roll up the cables.

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