5 uses of sea salt you might not know and you will love! 5 uses of sea salt you might not know and you will love!

5 uses of sea salt you might not know and you will love!

Sea salt is very famous when using it as an ingredient in the kitchen. However, there are many more uses you can take advantage of, even for your skin!

As it is recommended to keep an eye on the amount of salt consumed, there are other uses in which you can still take advantage of it. Did you know you can include sea salt in skin treatments and masks? Yes! You can use this ingredient for the body without damaging it.

1. 1. Exfoliating

Salt is very good for exfoliation.

Although exfoliating some times a week is enough, it is a very effective process when caring for the skin. It helps to remove dead cells that remain on the surface, which is super beneficial for the skin. You can replace your exfoliating product with sea salt and avoid applying harsh chemicals to the skin. It is very easy: mix a tbsp of sea salt with a tbsp of olive oil. You can apply the mixture on your body while taking a shower.

2. 2. Wavy hair

You can use sea salto for hair too.

You can use the salt also for your hair. If you want some waves and movement, you can try mixing a tbsp of sea salt in half a cup of water. Mix and place the liquid in a spray. Spray some of it on your hair, curling it up to form waves.

3. 3. Avoid dandruff

Exfoliate your scalp for healthier hair.

As the scalp is skin too, it also needs to be exfoliated. In this way, the dead cells are removed, creating a healthier environment, and promoting the production of new cells. Take a handful of sea salt and spread it over your head massaging to exfoliate it. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.

4. 4. Fight acne

Sea salto is an ally when fighting acne.

Everyone can have acne, but it can become a headache. Do not let this happen and tackle it. You can make sea salt your ally by mixing 1 or 2 tbsp of sea salt with water or olive oil. Spread the mixture over the areas with acne or pimples. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse.

5. 5. Salt bath

You can use salt in the bath too.

This is an excellent option when trying to relax or looking for a de-inflammatory effect. It is very effective to relieve muscles and also to remove calluses from the feet and hands. You only need to add a cup of sea salt to the bathtub and immerse for no more than 20 minutes.

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