5 types of pepper you should have in your kitchen

5 types of pepper you should have in your kitchen

Do you only have black pepper in your kitchen? You better start opening your mind to all the types of pepper that exist. They're all different and serve different foods.

The peppercorn comes from a plant called Piper nigrum, which gives rise to its varieties: the green, black and white ones, which differ from each other in taste and degree of ripeness.

Pepper has always been highly valued. In fact, it was used as a currency and as an offering to the gods.

Today it is one of the most widely consumed spices worldwide and is grown in many countries around the globe, including India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.


Because it is harvested before the plant has matured, it has the least intense flavor.

It is widely used in India and Southeast Asia in dishes such as curry, giving it a slightly spicy touch, and a soft and fruity aroma.

It can be bought dehydrated or preserved in brine and can be used alone or combined with other types of pepper.


Black pepper is the most popular choice, but not the only one

It corresponds to the next stage of maturity of the plant and is the most used but not the most intense in flavor, even so, it has a higher degree of pungency than the green pepper.

It is important to bear in mind that when it is ground it loses its taste, so the ideal thing to do is to put it in a pepper pot and grind it on the spot.

It can be used in almost any type of dish: in broths, sauces, stews, in foods with rice, red and white meats, cheeses, bread, and even in sweet preparations.


White peppercorns have the most intense flavour

Widely used in French gastronomy, it is the most intense in flavor.

It is harvested once it has reached its peak of ripeness (when the grain acquires a reddish color) and is placed in water until it loses its rind and becomes white.

It is mainly used for aesthetic purposes, to decorate white sauces, creams, pasta, béchamel sauce.


Red pepper is perfect for roasts

It differs from the previous ones because it does not belong to the genus Piper nigrum and has a taste more similar to chili, with a fruity aroma.

Its price is usually much higher than other varieties of pepper and it is a perfect condiment for curry, to flavor cheeses, grilled foods, and salads.


Pink peppercorn is a great addition to salads

In this group, we find the Pink Pepper, which is native to Peru and widely used in Brazil.

They have a similar taste to chili and a fruity aroma that looks good in salads and with fish. And has a very similar taste resulting from a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

Another variety, which does not come from the Piper nigrum genus, is the Sichuan pepper, which is common in Chinese cuisine and has a rather citrus aroma and a slight degree of spiciness.

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