5 properties of parsley

5 properties of parsley that will leave you speechless

After reading this article you will always want to have fresh parsley at home.

In addition to making our plates look appetizing with its delicious flavor and incredible aroma, the properties and health benefits of parsley are endless.

In this article, we will describe 5 excellent benefits offered by this herb, which is rich in nutrients and adds colour and flavour to our dishes.

Its use dates back to the Greco-Roman era and the plant has become such a staple in some cultures that in some markets it’s given as a sign of gratitude.

So don’t forget to grab some parsley next time you’re visiting your local farmer’s market. Or better yet, create your own herb garden at home to have fresh herbs on hand when needed.   

1. 1. It’s a natural diuretic

Parsley as a natural diuretic

Parsley helps us combat water retention and with it, bloating and heaviness. In addition to detoxifying the body, this herb helps improve the kidneys and liver functioning, which also favors our metabolism.

Also, tea or infusion with the roots, seeds, or even stems and leaves, is useful to combat urinary tract infections and preventing kidney stones.

2. 2. It helps digestion and fights bad breath

Parsley as a natural remedy

Through chlorophyll and its alkalizing power, this fine herb helps purify the breath and improve oral health, it is recommended to chew its stems and leaves to combat bad breath.

Some studies have confirmed that the consumption of this wonderful seasoning can stimulate the proper function of the digestive system, reducing acidity in the stomach, preventing gastritis, and poor digestion.

Its laxative properties help fight intestinal gas. (It’s also recommended as a natural remedy to combat jaundice). In this case, parsley juice is recommended as a natural cleanser.

3. 3. Goodbye to menstrual cramps and the annoying symptoms of menopause

Parsley as an ally for women

Parsley tea can be a great ally for women once a month, to reduce pain and menstrual cramps, due to its antispasmodic action.

Its contribution of phytoestrogens helps to balance hormone levels during menopause, and boron controls estrogen imbalance.

Not to mention that it promotes the production of breast milk, facilitates labor and increases female libido.

4. 4. Fresher-looking skin

Parsley prevents premature aging

Due to its antioxidant content, parsley offers its regenerative power by preventing premature aging, so we can say goodbye to those annoying wrinkles on our skin. Also with a little parsley filling, using it every night before bed you can improve skin pigmentation.

5. 5. It has incredible preventive properties especially in the growth of cancer cells

Parsely has incredible preventive properties

Parsely can be easily grown at home as it doesn’t require much care. Containing a substance called myristicin, parsley may prevent and inhibit the development of cancer cells and, due to its folic acid content, helps control heart disease, strokes, and atherosclerosis. Research also shows that it positively affects memory and learning, helping in the prevention of degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

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