5 original ways to wear a crop-top according to Tini Stoessel. 5 original ways to wear a crop-top according to Tini Stoessel.

5 original ways to wear a crop-top according to Tini Stoessel

Get inspired by the artist's original style to take your outfits with crop tops to another level! Read on to find out more.

Besides being one of the most successful pop stars of the moment, we cannot deny that Tini Stoessel has an impactful style. And the singer knows how to adopt the latest trends in a sexy and fun way at the same time, without neglecting the style stamp that distinguishes her so much.

Outfit ideas with crop tops inspired by Tini Stoessel:

And what you might not know about Tini Stoessel is that she is a lover of crop tops and is used to wearing them frequently, but always adding a cool and original touch. For this reason, we were inspired by some of her looks featuring crop tops to reinvent being a garment and incorporate it in a new way into our next outfits.

Feminine, fun, and cool, that's the style of Tini Stoessel!

1. 1. Crop top and cut-out jeans:

Both with ripped jeans (with cuts at the knees) and with more daring and open pants (like the ones Tini wears in one of her recent Instagram posts) the trick to be able to wear a crop top, without falling into exaggeration, is to bet on a smooth design (and without very striking prints or textures) with long sleeves and a high neck.

2. 2. With a power suit:

What better way to give an interesting twist to a tailored suit and break its formality to make it cooler than with a crop top? The 23-year-old interpreter proves that a power suit is more interesting if you wear it in pastel tones and with a cropped top or blouse!

3. 3. In your sportswear:

Whether it's to create an athleisure-style outfit or to train and exercise with a lot of attitudes, crop tops will be your best allies. Wear them with leggings, pants, or biker shorts, in your favorite colors, and more cozy finishes during autumn-winter.

4. 4. With a total look:

Do not complicate how to combine that special micro-top, follow the example of this talented actress, and bet on wearing the same color in clothes and accessories, from head to toe!

5. 5. In your pijamas!

Let's face it, pajamas have become the new protagonists of our everyday looks (especially during quarentine).

How many times have you not spent the whole day on your favorite PJ or even had a zoom meeting with her? Well, the time has come to return this outfit to sleep hotter, all you need is to complement your comfortable pants with a crop top.

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