5 keys to making your office a minimalist space

5 keys to making your office a minimalist space

After the pandemic of COVID 19, the offices will change their appearance a lot. Some will even disappear. Minimalism is more valid than ever for offices where simple forms, open spaces, and neutral colors will be sought.

Minimalism is one of the most influential decorative styles in office interior design because it helps foster communication and creates calm environments in which to work without distractions or unnecessary elements.

Minimalism helps foster communication

Five ideas in minimalist office design that will help you make the most of the space available by putting all the emphasis on space and helping to improve concentration and communication.

1. 1. Large and open spaces

Keys to making your office a minimalist space: large and open spaces

Minimalism enhances open spaces, with few structures so that the vision reaches as far as possible, and if possible with high ceilings.

Open spaces help communication between people so we will try to avoid divisions as much as possible.

Workplaces communicate directly without barriers between them.

When it is necessary to create divisions due to a functional need, try to make the space as clear as possible.

2. 2. Neutral and luminous colours

Keys to making your office a minimalist space: neutral and luminous colors

White and neutral tones are undoubtedly at the heart of minimalist office designs. Seek to expand the space and unify it to obtain a harmonious and relaxed whole. Light colors such as white or beige and grey tones will also help us to enhance the brightness of the spaces to make the most of natural light.

The contrast in the atmosphere will be provided by some decorative elements with colors such as orange, blue, or red chairs. 

3. 3. Materials as pure as possible

Keys to making your office a minimalist space: materials as pure as possible

Minimalism advocates the use of pure materials such as wood, glass, aluminum, or cement. 

They are a definition of the minimalist concept in offices.

4. 4. Minimalist furniture: simple and functional

Keys to making your office a minimalist space: simple and functional

Austerity in design that fits very well with the functionality of office furniture. 

Straight, pure lines and tidy spaces will help us focus on what is important and leave distractions aside.

Use the essential furniture for your work but forget about cluttering up space with a large number of objects.

5. 5. Black and white binomials

Keys to making your office a minimalist space: Black and white binomials

One trend that is making a strong comeback, and which goes hand in hand with minimalist style decorations, is black and white decoration.

An elegant and timeless combination that is also very up to date.

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