5 hairstyles you can't ignore this summer

5 hairstyles to rock this summer

With summer around the corner, it's time look at your hairstyle. Whether you prefer it short, long, colored or bleached, there are plenty of options.

Check out these 5 hairstyles that will make you glow in summer

1. 1. Pixie bob

Pixie bob is ideal for wavy hair this summer

This version of the pixie, with longer layers halfway between the short and the bob, is oneof the most popular cuts in summer. It works particularly well on wavy hair.

2. 2. Midi shaggy

Midi Shaggy is for curly hair

Another popular request when the good weather arrives, especially among curly-haired women, is to get a cut that allows them to show off their curls naturally. And that's when a layered cut with triangular volumes comes into play, which feels especially good if you have a rectangular or triangular face.

3. 3. Pixie

Pixies is a very popular hairstyle for summertime

All the experts we have spoken to confirm that in summer many more pixies are requested than in winter. The reasons? It's an simpe style but it's important to avoid getting too much cut.

4. 4. Tomboy

The Tomboy style is a as fashionable as pixie for this summer

In general, short hair is usually the most requested at this time of year. The tomboy style is a longer pixie with clearer sides and greater length in the front.

5. 5. Carre

Carre hairstyle is one of the most popular in summer

This straight jawline is another popular request. It can be worn with or without bangs and even with very soft layers to generate movement. It is ideal for all hair types except the curliest.

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