5 easy tips from Marie Kondo for tidying up your wardrobe

5 easy tips from Marie Kondo for tidying up your wardrobe

If your closet can become a black hole, and you usually feel you have "noting to wear today"; you can benefit from these Marie Kondo style tips to tidy up your closet

Tidying up the wardrobe is a task that requires time and, let's face it, a lot of will.

How many times have you wished for Marie Kondo to show up unexpectedly and do the job for you? Bad news, she has no time for that. You'll have to get to work on your own.

But stay calm: we've selected 5 easy tips to make this fun and exciting

1. All at once. Just one day and you are done!

With the wardrobe, you have to apply a blunt method. It's called: all at once!

Tackle your wardrobe in one go! Save the date and just do it!

When you decide to put it in order, do it in one go, don't divide it into parts for days because that makes it everlasting

This will save you from having to take your clothes in and out several times, and from having to wrinkle and fold them.

2. Get rid of what you don't use

Less is more. Get rid of the clothes you don't use anymore to have a tidier wardrobe

It's no use trying to keep your closet tidy if you accumulate clothes and accessories that you don't use and don't need. Less is more, remember.

You can donate or give away clothes and in this process, you are sure to find some garment that you did not even remember you had.

3. Sort the clothes

5 tips from Marie Kondo for tidying up your wardrobe

Sort out the clothes by type of garment: T-shirts, dresses, trousers, underwear...

This is key to being able to keep them in an orderly fashion and to maintain a classification in the wardrobe that allows us to find everything better.

You can also categorize it by color, by style or by season, whatever you want.

4. Don't use many hangers

5 tips from Marie Kondo for tidying up your wardrobe

Not all clothes have to be hung. There are clothes that can be folded and laid out perfectly without the need for a hanger, such as T-shirts, or certain sweaters and jeans.

This means that hangers can be reserved for clothes that really need to be hung so they don't get wrinkled or damaged, such as dresses, blazers or shirts.

Being clear about this also avoids another very common mistake: several garments hanging from one hanger, one on top of the other.

There are multiple hangers that allow you to hang several garments on the same hanger in an orderly and space-saving manner.

5. Boxes and dividers

5 tips from Marie Kondo for tidying up your wardrobe

They are very practical for keeping a tidy wardrobe.

A divider or box for socks, underwear or bags, and accessories is very practical and allows you to keep it well organized.

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