How to prepare your skin for makeup in only 5 easy steps

5 Steps to follow before makeup application

Our skin is constantly exposed to factors that can harm it in some way, such as the sun, cold, cosmetics, environmental pollution, etc. If you want to know how to prepare your skin for makeup, read on and we'll give you the keys to do it effectively.

The ultimate must-dos before applying make-up

It is impossible to achieve a flawless look without preparing your skin first. This includes flawless skin, defined cheekbones, bright eyes and hydrated lips. If you want to achieve a more natural look that will last for longer hours, you have to follow our advice. 

1. Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing

The first thing you should do is a good facial cleansing as this is paramount for any beauty routine.

You should wash your face with lukewarm water, then use a soft and mild cleanser to help you even out your skin tone and achieve a smoother appearance.

If your skin is sensitive, find something gentle enough to help you achieve your desired look and prepare your face for a dewy glow. Go look for a pH-balanced cleanser and If you have acne-prone skin, look for a cleanser that is slightly more acidic as it will help your skin fight bacteria.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliants remove dead cells and impurities

No one likes a cakey makeup, right? Neither should you. To achieve the perfect foundation you need to reveal new skin beneath dead skin cells. To get rid of dead cells or impurities that you have not eliminated in the cleansing step, you should exfoliate -but be careful with the amount of product you use to avoid damaging your skin.

3. Facial toner

Facial tonic prevents oil excess and dilated pores

It is important to apply a facial toner at this point, as it prevents oil excess it is designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. It also moisturizes, protects and refreshes the skin and it will make your skin shine.

4. Serum

Serum provides countless benefits to the skin

Serum provides countless benefits to the skin, especially if you apply it before the make-up. It contains a high number of nutrients that adapt to the needs of different skin types.

Choose a serum that:

  • Contains vitamin C for smoothening the skin
  • Is Sodium hyaluronate infused for sealing the moisture level of your skin
  • Has Herbs to hydrate the skin and minimize ageing

5. Moisturizing cream

It is essential to provide the skin with the hydration it needs

No matter your skin type you cannot skip this step, as it is essential to provide the skin with the hydration it needs.

You can start applying make-up!

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