5 best indoor plants for your home transformation.

5 best indoor plants for your home transformation.

On days of quarantine and pandemic we look at houses from every possible angle. Locked up at home, all the places look the same. Changing without big budgets and problems? A cheap and practical solution: houseplants.

Houseplants make a space special as if it were magic. You open and close your eyes and one plant changes everything.

Plants connect the interior with nature and turn the space into something cozy.

The fact that you have to take care of the plants is another benefit. You establish a relationship of care and bonding with the plants.

We have selected some plants that can inspire you if you want to make changes at home. These are the 5 best plants to have in your home.

1. 1. Swiss Cheese


This is one of the best plants to decorate the interior of your house. It needs little light, does not require much watering, and also has large leaves of intense green that will make you have a plant with a very nice bearing in a short time.  Stairwells are good places for this plant.

2. 2. String of Pearls

It really needs very little care. The circular shape of its leaves makes it special. They're perfect for decorating the upper parts of rooms. You can hang a pot from the ceiling or place the pot on a shelf, letting the plant grow.

3. 3. Snake Plants


It is the plant that needs more and better care to live. They need a lot of natural light. Find a place where there is always sunshine. It is a very easy plant to grow: the leaves are born directly from the ground.

4. 4. Boston Fern


If you want to have a plant in the house that gets attention, this is it. It's a very lush plant that can live in a lot of darkness but needs to be moist. It is recommended that it is placed on a container with water or wet stones.

5. 5. Cactus

Cactus, one of the best indoor plants for your home

Any cactus will do to decorate your house. You can forget about most of the care and you barely have to water it. Try to get some sunlight on it. And give it water once a month.

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