5 benefits of using charcoal masks that you will want to happen on your face 5 benefits of using charcoal masks that you will want to happen on your face

5 benefits of using charcoal masks. You will absolutely love them!

How about a good session with a charcoal mask and much better if you unite its strength with another natural ingredient: clay. Read on to find out more.

It has been scientifically proven that "bad face days" exist. This is when our face does not reflect what we want and looks dull due to the hormonal changes that we all eventually face.

Despite this, you should know that these "bad days for facial skin" can be reduced or even reversed using some products that work as a detox as part of our daily beauty routine.



1. Fight impurities

Sometimes, it is tedious to fight against those pimples or blackheads that appear without warning when you least expect them. Using charcoal masks will help you clean your face since it absorbs excess sebum, which translates into a decrease in imperfections.

Fight impurities

2. They free you of toxins

Charcoal in combination with other ingredients such as clay, raise the levels of cleaning effectiveness, helping to detoxify the skin. They facilitate the expulsion of toxins that we acquire from daily exposure to pollution.

They free you of toxins

3. Goodbye to open pores

There is nothing that spoils the beauty of a face more than open pores. Their appearance is most often denoted in the T zone, forehead, nose, and chin.

Using a charcoal mask frequently - two or three times a week - will reduce the size of the pores, as it removes all the impurities that accumulate inside. Without impurities, the pores are imperceptible.

Goodbye to open pores

4. Eliminate bacteria

Did you know that touching your face without washing your hands causes blemishes? This is because bacteria are found in everything we touch. The problem arises when, after being in contact with many things, we caress our face. These impurities accumulate and eventually cause a bad day face.

Eliminate bacteria

5. Provide luminosity

Have you noticed the "porcelain skin" effect that many oriental women show on their face? This is due to their deep attachment to cleaning their faces. It is also due to the charcoal masks that, by exfoliating the face in-depth, restore its luminosity.

Provide luminosity

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