5 Must See Netflix Series for interior design fans

5 Must See Netflix Series for interior design fans

If you are one of those who enjoy transforming the space in you live in, or you simply enjoy interior design. Here we have listed 5 Netflix series that will trigger your imagination, and provide tools for your next redecoration.

These Netflix series on decoration can give you ideas and inspiration to change your own space. They will also comfort you when you encounter problems in your interior design hobby. You'll see solutions you never imagined.

1. 1. Amazing Interiors

This is the clear example of: "don't judge a book by its cover".

This Netflix series shows the amazing interiors of some houses that at first glance may seem extremely ordinary. Discover incredible houses with Russian mountains in the garden!

2. 2. Grand Designs

If you are a fan of seeing how a space is transformed through projects you can do yourself, in this series you will see how a team of designers transform beautiful properties from start to finish.

3. 3. Marie Kondo on Netflix

If you are a fan of order, then you can't miss this series created by the person who popularized order in the home. Discover how different families find harmony in their homes through order.

4. 4. Abstract

Do you like architecture? This Netflix documentary series addresses different disciplines within architecture and design and explores the creative work process of several world-renowned artists.

5. 5. The Great Interior Design Challenge

If you like contests, you will enjoy this series from beginning to end where a number of designers test their skills through different design tests.

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