5 Gal Gadot-inspired plank exercises

5 Gal Gadot-inspired plank exercises

Planks are a great addition to every workout routine, as they help stabilize the body and build core strength. The actress Gal Gadot has frequently expressed her love for planks, especially during her workouts for her next movie: the sequel for Wonder Woman.

1. 1. High Plank

In a high plank, your body is stabilized by your hands.

This one is similar to the regular plank, except you have to keep your body upright using only your hands. Once these are shoulder-width apart and your wrists are aligned with your shoulders, it’s time to extend your legs and let your body form a straight line from head to heels. Remember: keep looking at the floor and squeeze your core.

2. 2. Lateral Plank Walk

A lateral plank walk is similar to a high plank, but it includes stepping right and left.

To work your coordination, you can rest on a high plank position and include steps to the side. These will have to be done while maintaining a plank position: you’ll move your left (or right) hand and foot to that direction and then you’ll follow the movement with your right (or left) hand and foot.

3. 3. Side Plank

In a side plank, you’ll create a sort of right triangle between your torso, your arm, and the floor.

In order to change from the high plank into this position, you’ll have to raise one hand and arm enough to form a straight line with the one left on the ground. Afterward, put the foot that corresponds to the side you’ve raised over your other foot, and lift your hips to create a sort of right triangle between your torso, your arm, and the floor.

4. 4. Plank Up-Down

The transition from a high plank to a regular plank is called a plank up-down.

This version will challenge your stabilization a bit more, as it includes movement. The key is to start in the position of a high plank and end up in a regular plank. What you’ll do is lower the first arm to lay your forearm on the floor, while keeping your torso stable, and once it’s done you’ll repeat it with the other arm. Then, you’ll have to return to the high plank by placing the first hand on the floor and pushing that side of your body up, which you’ll then repeat.

5. 5. Plank Jack

A plank jack includes similar movements as a jumping jack.

For this one, you’ll have to go back to the position you were in during the high plank. To combine it with jumping jacks, you’ll have to jump your feet in and out. Make sure to leave your butt and hips in a firm position. The additional cardio component will help you raise your heart rate.

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