5 Easy steps to get flawless makeup base if you run out of foundation

5 Easy steps to get flawless makeup base if you run out of foundation

Have you run out of foundation? Don't worry, it is possible to have a seamless makeup look without foundation. Follow these 5 tips for the perfect look!

Whether you are going for a fresh look or you've run out of your favorite foundation, there are ways to get a flawless look even if you are skipping foundation. Here you'll find how to achieve it!

1. Make sure your face is moisturized

Make sure your face is moisturized.

If you don't want your skin to look patchy, as you are not going to apply foundation, make sure you cleanse your skin first and apply your favorite moisturizer. 

2. Apply a primer

Apply a primer.

A primer will do half the job your foundation would do. It will conceal your pores, scars, and fine lines and give you a glowy look.

3. BB cream application

BB cream application.

Apply only a dime-size amount of BB cream in dots on your face and blend it with a wet sponge or brush. It will serve as a colour corrector, foundation and concealer and it will help you achieve a flawless base -without looking cakey. 

4. Conceal your spots

Apply concealer (this article is not sponsored)

To conceal the dark circles below your eyes, any scars, or pimples, use a small amount of concealer with your fingers or makeup brush and blend it with a wet sponge: this will ensure a seamless application. 

5. Apply a setting powder

Apply a setting powder

Setting powders help hold all your makeup in place. They come as pressed or loose powders, some are translucent and or tinted to match your skin tone. The powder will help your makeup last longer and it will prevent smudging. 

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