Beauty secrets: How to keep an organized and clean makeup bag

5 Beauty hacks to organize the perfect makeup bag

Maintaining an organized and effective makeup bag can be hard, but it's highly useful. If you know exactly what's in it, where each product is, and make sure that there are no risks of anything spilling, you'll be able to avoid mistakes regarding your beauty routine. Just learn these 5 lifehacks and organize your makeup bag in the best way possible!

1. 1. Consider the expiration dates

Writing down the expiration date on your beauty products will help you keep your makeup organized.

Beauty products like moisturizers, concealers, and even mascara don't last forever. In order to prevent your future self from applying expired products on your skin, look closely at the numbers that indicate for how many months you can use each product. Check for icons of small jars and dates on the bottom of each bottle and, if you think you'll forget about them, keep a marker in your makeup bag to write down on the very same product the day you should get a new one.

2. 2. Recycle and reuse makeup leftovers

Scooping leftover makeup on a small container is a good way to carry your makeup essentials in your bag.

Reaching the end of a lipstick or catching the last drops of a bottle of liquid concealer aren't good enough reasons to throw them out. Instead, you can recycle what's left in a way that not only helps you save money on new products but also works in your favor when keeping an organized makeup bag.

Grab a pill box or a small, clean container (like an empty paint dispenser) that easily fits your makeup bag and scoop what's left on your old makeup essentials. If you're on the go, you probably won't need a large amount of lipstick or concealer, so a bit enough to fill up a pill box will help you reapply some products mid-day whilst avoiding unnecessarily large and heavy bottles.

3. 3. Protect your makeup sponge

Your makeup sponge should be protected from other makeup products while receiving some air.

One of the elements from your makeup bag that'll touch the most skin on your face is your makeup sponge. For this reason, you need to keep it clean from dirt and residues from both the world and the other products in your bag. As you'll also need for it to receive some air, a good idea is to store it inside a mesh jewelry bag.

4. 4. Always carry makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes are an essential addition to your makeup bag.

You should always be able to safely remove your makeup whenever you are, even if you were planning on doing it at home at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter if you only needed to wipe off a small mistake, anti-bacterial wipes will save your day. Simply choose options with lower amounts of oil, as you won't need a second cleanse to get rid of any excess.

If you want to go for more sustainable alternatives, there are makeup removal discs and cleansing pads made of environmentally-friendly ingredients that can be reused several times. They're also a very smart choice to keep with you on your makeup bag, as you won't need to worry about buying regular cotton buds every once in a while.

5. 5. Small containers will be your best friends

Keep your makeup products separated, organized, and safe from each other by using small containers.

Everything on your makeup bag should be organized, not only to increase their effectiveness but also to prevent each product from touching the others. Anything that accidentally spills inside your bag or breaks something else will be of great annoyance and can easily be avoided.

You can get creative and use most packages to store elements like cotton buds, eyeliner, concealer, and lipstick. Look around your house for metal bandage boxes or Ziploc bags, which will keep products in their respective places. Pencil sharpeners, for example, will be contained from damaging other products, and lip liner pencils will be kept safe.

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