5 Types of Tea that will help you sleep at night

4 Teas and infusions to help you sleep better naturally

Infusions are very relaxing drinks. In some medical practices such as Ayurveda, hot beverages are often drunk for cleansing purposes. If you have trouble sleeping, you can turn to these teas and infusions.   

These 4 infusions will help you sleep better naturally.  For optimal results, try to infuse natural herbs as opposed to teabags. It is recommended to have these infusions one hour before going to sleep so that they can help you have a good night's sleep.

1. 1. Valerian

Valerian Tea will help you sleep at night

This is the best known and one of the most effective relaxing herbs. It has sedative and calming properties. Valerian also relieves anxiety, migraine, or vomiting.

2. 2. Linden

Linden Tea will help you sleep at night

Another herb with great powers to relax and help you sleep. It calms your nervous system. Can be used as an antispasmodic. It is very useful in case of stomach pains. Good sedative properties make it ideal for relaxing and falling asleep.

3. 3. Chamomile

Chamomile Tea will help you sleep at night

Chamomile has many uses. It is used for relaxation but it is also applied on the skin to relieve swelling. Chamomile is a natural sedative, that also helps digestion.

4. 4. California Poppy

California Poppy Tea will help you sleep at night

Less popular, but surely your nearest tea shop has it. Poppy infusion helps calm down, and also improves depth and quality of sleep. It also prevents early awakening.

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