3 skills you will have to train if you telework from home during Covid 19

3 skills you will have to train if you telework from home during Covid 19

If you're one of those people who thinks that teleworking is not as easy as it seems, you're right. The crisis of Covid 19 forces many to work from home, but that may not be the paradise we imagine it to be. Do you know what skills you may need to have in this new era of working through screens?

Our work life has changed radically. We still do the same thing, but the way we do it is different. We meet by videoconference, we organize our schedules differently and we can't separate work and personal moments as clearly as before.

That's why it's important that you have some guidelines that can help you survive in a new reality.

1. Communication skills

Paradoxically you will need more and better skills to communicate with others. You do not have physical and direct contact with people. You only have your voice and your image on a screen to convey the messages you want to convey, whether to bosses or co-workers or employees.

You will have to train your Communication skills if you telework from home during Covid 19

That requires a special set of skills: you have to reinforce how clearly you convey messages, make them more summarized and effective; you will also develop the ability to listen to others (disorganised talks in a video conference are difficult)

You will most likely become more aware than before of your gestures and body language. A permanent camera on your screen reminds you of who you are and what you are doing.

2. Organizational skills

Because work schedules and rhythms are changing, you need to better organize each of your days. You can set schedules for each activity and set limits on emails at any time of night. The space will also need to be tidy so that you can work calmly and privately.

You will have to train if your organizational skills from home during Covid 19

3. Negotiation skills

Knowing how to negotiate will be one of those skills that will earn you points in the coming months. It is about negotiating at work but also at home. You will need to be able to listen to other points of view, express your wishes clearly and be willing to compromise on everything. That means negotiating your fee, your time at home or your space.

You will have to train your negotiation skills if you telework from home during Covid 19

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