3 simple tricks to give your home a Scandi touch

3 simple tricks to give your home a Scandi touch

Modern, simple, and functional. These are three characteristics of Scandi design. If you want your space to look Nordic, here are 3 tricks you can use.

Native wood and colors with mainly neutral shades are some of the patterns that dominate the Nordic or Scandinavian design.

This trend comes from northern European countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and their products are characterized by functionality, since to survive in the north you need utility and durability, without much else to add.

We tell you what are the main characteristics of this trend of decoration to guide you.

1. Natural light

Natural light a key in Nordic style

The Nordic countries are characterized by about 20 hours of light per day in summer and about 15 hours of darkness in winter, due to their proximity to the pole.

The dominant colors are light. Hence the tendency for pure white on walls, furniture, and wooden floors.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity a key in Nordic style

Simplicity is essential. This trend goes hand in hand with minimalism.

It is about not adding objects that are not needed and that have no use, of course, decorating your home with details but not turning it into an eclectic one.

If you understand this, you will get closer to Nordic design.

3. Neutral colors

Neutral colors

One of the main features of Nordic design is its neutral color palettes.

Pastels and sophisticated tones are the ones that complement this style, very strong tones usually break the harmony a little bit.

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